Hello there, I'm Scott


I'm an obsessive outdoor enthusiast working as a user experience designer to pay the bills. But on any day of the week I'd rather be out in the wilderness or scaling something tall. I started Hack Your Pack as a way to share my adventures. I make a ton of mistakes and acquire and use and abuse a ton of gear. Hopefully sharing these stories and tips helps you crush miles and pad your wallet.

Video killed the blog writer

I took a break in November from blogging to focus on launching a YouTube channel for the past few months. I am busy posting videos from my 2017 Pacific Crest Trail Thru Hike. It only took me until 2019! The lengthy delay will be the subject of a post someday.

Check out the channel: YouTube.com/hackyourpack/

Follow the belated Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike

I try to cover a range of topics from gear research and reviews to tips and skills, as well as just sharing with you the adventures I experience. Hopefully you find it interesting.

I'll be working hard in the coming months to get more content up.  As it comes together, I'd love to hear your feedback.  What do you like? What isn't working for you?  In the meantime stay tuned for a few trips, and some tips articles that I have lined up.

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