Terms & Conditions

We live in a fascinating modern world with some very peculiar experiences from which we need to protect ourselves. In the spirit of a creating a fair and mutually-beneficial relationship between you—the consumer of this site’s content and myself—the creator of it, I’ve laid out my policies and expectations in clear language with an effort toward maximum transparency. My policies can be summed up in a simply and apply to you as much as they do to me:

Be a Kind, and responsible adult.
Be Fair. Don’t be a dick.
Let’s not make the lawyers rich.

Hack Your Pack (HYP, We, Me, and I) will operate within these guidelines. You (you) will to. Continued usage of this site means you agree to follow them too. Here’s how it works:


Privacy is extremely important in modern life. I take yours very seriously.

Cookies & TRACKING

I use SquareSpace analytics and Google Analytics to better understand what content my readers are interacting with. This means cookies. (Hello, EU users!) This allows me to slowly improve the quality of my content to provide you a better service. I do not share or sell this data with/to anyone.

Email List

I hate spam. You hate spam. We all hate spam. If you sign-up for the mailing list, I will NEVER trade, share, or sell your address to anyone. Ever. I will store your address during the time you are subscribed. If you unsubscribe, I will discard your address.

Contact Forms

When you reach out to me through a contact form on this website, it submits to my gmail. I will retain your name, and the associated email address for the purposes of responding to you, and continuing the conversation.

Privacy in the Comments

Don’t write private stuff in the comments. It’s not smart to put personally identifiable information (PII) in a comment on a website. Comments are public. It’s like posting it on bill board on the interstate. (Ok, maybe more like a back country road. But one day this site will have as much traffic as I-95 at rush hour!)



Don’t write mean shit. This site exists to help people learn. Learning means taking risks, failing, and growing from it. It is meant to be a constructive forum for ideas. I want you to express yourself, but you should do so respectfully so that others can benefit from your wisdom and not be offended by your tone of voice or ego.

Don’t be a victim. This site exist to help people learn. Learning means challenging your assumptions, considering the viewpoints of others and expanding your own comfort zone. In the same way that I ask readers to be constructive in their criticism, I also request you be open minded to the thoughts of others, and not reactionary. If I or another reader gets something wrong or says something that offends you, don’t spaz out. Engage in a productive discussion so we can all grow. Share why our point of view is wrong. Help us understand why you’re offended. We all need to understand each other more and get angry less.

Dispute Resolution

All disputes will be solved with hand-to-hand single combat. I’m just kidding! Let’s try to work out any differences verbally, like adults through email. If you can’t do that, then we’ll have to escalate to suits and officialness, but that takes time and costs money. Currently I am making fuck-all running this site, so I’d rather go the fast/affordable route. Deal? Good.

ADvertsing & Sponsorship

As I mentioned above, this site is currently grossing an unbelievable $0 per year. I don’t advertise on the site. I have no relationships with brands. I have 100% editorial integrity. Now, realistically I hope to one day make money doing this so I can quit the day job and be a hiker dirt bag forever. So eventually there may be advertising or some minor selling of the soul. However, I hereby vow to retain 100% editorial integrity. Any sponsorship or advertising will be clearly marked. If I review a sponsor’s product and it sucks, you’ll know. I pull punches for nobody!


I write, shoot, and edit all of the content on this site. It’s 100% original. I know being a creator takes a lot of hard work, so I don’t violate the copyright of others. If you believe you have a copyright claim against this site, you’re probably incorrect. However, inline with my lawyer-free policy, go ahead and shoot me a friendly email so we can discuss your concern like grown-ups. Similarly, please respect the thought, time, and effort I put into running this site and don’t violate my copyrights.

Fair USE

Fair use is a cornerstone of journalism and essential to a healthy content creation ecosystem. Sadly too many people don’t understand what it means. Here’s a quick summary: There are exceptions to copyright that allow material that is usually protected to be reproduced when it is used for commentary and criticism or for parody. An example of this would be copying a small section of an article in order to discuss it. Here’s a great article summarizing Fair Use.

Bottom line here, is please don’t initiate copyright action against instances of Fair Use on this site. In return, I will respect your usage of my content when performed under the criteria of Fair Use.

Edits and Revisions

I may modify these terms in the future without notice. However, if I suddenly decide to abandon the core principle of treating my readers the way I want to be treated and suddenly become a raging dick… Rest assured, I will send out an email notice announcing this, and then you can, and should rip me one on the Internet.

Did I miss anything?

We’re building the track as we go here, so I’m sure I’ll have to add to this list. Curious about policy or anything not covered here? Drop me a line on the contact form and we can discuss it.

See? That’s what I mean about being open, transparent and fair. Let’s make the world a better place.

Now, go read some articles, or get out there on the trail!