Rock Climbing Resources

These are the rock climbing tutorials, tips, and services that I've found useful!


Tips and Technique

Climbing Tutorials

Mani the Monkey
I've only been climbing for a year, but have been advancing at a satisfying pace.  Most of what I know I learned from YouTube.  My favorite channel is Mani the Monkey.  He's a college student in Austria, but he has a great series for beginners and lots of advice on how to avoid injury and how to squeeze the most out of your training sessions. Check it out!
Rock Climbing Tutorials for Beginners
Rock Climbing Tutorials for Intermediates

Gear Repair & Maintenance

Climbing Shoe Resoling

Rock and Resole
Rock and Resole comes recommended from my advanced climbing friends.  You pay for shipping out and back, so it pays to double up shoes (either wait until you have a couple pairs to send or go in on the order with your buddies).  Resoling costs around $40-$60 last I checked.