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Trail Maps for Anywhere



PDF Quads
You can download them and print them yourself.  Sure they're not tyvek and waterproof, but don't knock it, they're cheap!

Trail Maps for the North East


New Jersey / New York Trail Conference

Pretty much what it sounds like, these maps cover a good chunk of hiking in New Jersey and Southern New York.  This includes good portions of the Appalachain Trail, Bear Mountain State Park, Harriman State Park, The Catskills, and the Gunks to name a few.  These maps are tip-top, printed on waterproof Tyvek.  They are detailed and accurate and last forever.  I've included the link to the NYNJTC website below, but you can also find these on Amazon and at outfitters.

Trail Maps for the Pacific Crest Trail 


Halfmile's Maps

PDF Maps
Halfmile received a grant to map the PCT and it's features in detail. These maps are available free of charge in PDF format. They're extremely useful if you're too poor to afford the Guthook app. I began my 2017 PCT Thru Hike with printouts of these on waterproof paper and eventually eliminated them preferring to just use Guthook. Mobile device versions with a lower resolution are available for download as well.

Halfmile's App
In addition to the PDF maps, Halfmile also maintains an Android and iOS app. I found the app to be of limited benefit. It will easily tell you where you are in relationship to the trail (distance and direction from it) but the route feature is only a squiggly line with no topographic information. I started using this app and very quickly changed to Guthook.

Halfmile Maps for Google Earth
Halfmile also supplies a KMZ format of their map data for import into Google Earth. I found this to be a superior planning tool as I was able to fly and zoom around the trail from above. I used it to learn the general lay of the land and to help me get an idea of which sections would be challenging, what terrain might be like, and to anticipate areas with great views where I would want to loiter for photos.


Guthook's App

Four former thru hikers living near Bishop California put together a janky, but useful navigation app called Guthook Guides. Prior to 2018 Guthook managed several similar apps each purpose built for a specific trail. Due to a change in policy for iOS apps, they rolled all their navigation apps into a single wrapper and offer multiple in-app purchases to allow you to download the map sections and data you desire. In 2017, the complete PCT map set cost $39.99 USD. Be advised that while the Android version shares a similar name, each trail is an independent app and the features and UI are inexplicably different. The iOS version is noticeably nicer.