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Gear Tip: DIY Ultralight Water Scoop

Sure, the gram weenies and ultralight all stars rocking their Pa’lante packs, with their sub-five-pound base weights will scoff at the title of this post. They’ll boast how they don’t need a scoop for their water, because they use a leaf. Or they’ve perfected the art of sweeping their dirty water bladder through a half-inch deep stream 1000 times to get half a liter of water. But, for the rest of us, who value a bit of practicality—albeit at the expense of an entire ounce—here’s an easy, and cheap way to make a durable water scoop that nests with your water bottle like a Russian doll. It takes up virtually no space and adds a mere ounce to your ultralight hydration system. Let’s get started!

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Best Water Treatment System for the PCT

Are you planning for an upcoming thru hike? If you're anything like I me, you're probably spending a lot of time determining how to handle hydration while thru hiking the PCT—especially the first 700 miles in Southern California. You may be wondering: What is the best way to filter water on the PCT? Or maybe you're pushing your limits and wondering if you need to treat your water at all. If you’re reading this post, I assume you've opted for the more conservative approach and are intending to treat your water in the backcountry. In this post I examine four different categories of water treatment and provide a recommendation on what I think the best water treatment system is for thru hiking the PCT.

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Do I Need to Filter My Water on the PCT?

In your quest for an ever-lighter pack, have you pondered tossing your water purification system to the curb to cut the last few ounces from your base weight? Are you enamored by super-hikers who brag about their six-pound packs? Or by hikers who casually gulp from groundwater without breaking stride? Maybe you can be one of those ultralight gods as well. Just take the plunge. So, with the promise of an ever lighter and more comfortable pack, you ask: Do I need to filter my water on the PCT?

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