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My 5 Favorite Fitness Recovery Devices

As I get older, one life priority seems to resonate louder than any other: Injury Prevention. I spent my twenties poo-pooing stretching, had no clue what a rest day was, and generally pushed myself to the literal breaking point. But when training hard, I’m not always able to heal up completely during my rest day. I’ve found that the vast majority of lingering pain stems from muscle and tendon overuse issues. In the last two years I have become a fanatic in the church of self-massage and stretching. But all that body work can tire out fingers—and there are some places fingers can't reach. So on those days where I can hear my body pleading with me for extra TLC, I turn to the following five gadgets.

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How to Avoid Getting Blisters

Blisters are a common injury that affects both novice and experienced hikers in surprising numbers. These insidious and painful little bastards form—and become an issue—when hikers ignore the warning signs. So that’s what we’re looking at today: How to detect the warning signs of, and avoid creating blisters when hiking or backpacking.

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Why hikers say “Cotton Kills”

Have you heard hikers recite the phrase “Cotton Kills” with a sort of blind devotion reminiscent of a fully brainwashed member from a religious cult? Have you ever wondered what the heck they were talking about? In this post, we’ll look into the thinking behind that blanket statement, examine the why cotton is a fabric that is dangerous to use in the backcountry. We'll also look at what fabrics are most ideal to wear and why.

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